Pain in the neck- Take Two

yep, we are here again. If you recall almost two years ago I had Anterior Cervical Disk Fusion for a ruptured disk in the neck in C5-6 and C6-7. I had made great progress until recently. In March it was discovered the disk above and below the fusion are now herniated. My doctor has told me no running/jumping etc. I need to stay on low impact activities/workouts. I won’t bore you with the medical details but the main concern is C4-5 and C7-T1. My physical therapist and surgeon told me I need to avoid a multilevel fusion at all costs. My real wake-up call was this week when my PT introduced me to someone that has had a multilevel fusion and he told me she is miserable. People have asked me how I am feeling. I am ok. I had cut way back from the running events anyway due to life in general. Last year I had only participated in six events and this year I have only done four. Run Disney recently opened up Princess Half registration for next February and it was a little disappointing because I was hoping to register but you know what it is OK. I will miss the “energy” of the race events but to not have the “option” of going for a run to maintain my weight and fitness level is the most frustrating thing.

I have been fortunate to do 82 events since January 2011. If I never get to run a race again I am grateful. (1-Full Marathon, 21- Half Marathons, 5-10 milers, 1-15k, 10-10k’s, 1-8k, 33-5k’s, 1-mudrace, 4- Trail races, 1-Sprint Triathlon, 1-Sprint Duathlon, 1-70.3 Relay and 2-Paddleboard races. Experiences, Memories & Friendships made= Priceless!


New Orleans Saints 5k, NYC Mini Oakley 10k, RnR Vegas Half, Jazz Half, Battleship 12k, Girls on the Run 5k, St Jude Memphis Half,  RnR NOLA Full Marathon, Ironman 70.3 Relay in Augusta, GA  just a few of many   🙂

This past weekend I went and spectated at the annual Happy’s 5k race and had a ball. I have a lot of fun, supportive friends.


Now I just want to retain my fitness and avoid a multilevel fusion. Proper recovery, workouts, listening to my surgeon & physical therapist as well as good ergonomics at work will be key for me. (I have a “stand up” desk on order) I still have more places on my vacation list I want to see and experience. I am not going to let this slow me down too much. Heck, last month I went waterfall repelling in Costa Rica!


Pura Vida!

Stay focused and stay healthy my friends.


A make your own running guide

Where do you go for tips and tricks on running?
There are so many references online and on various Facebook forum groups that it can be overwhelming. I had this pile of Runner’s World magazines where I would tear out articles to go back and reference. Tips on running form, breathing, cadence, injury prevention, training plans etc. I remembered awhile back I made my own fitness binder and called it “Aim to stay an After”. It included articles from various magazines such as Self and Shape with exercise tips on toning of arms, abs and legs as well as success stories for inspiration. (Little fact: I was even featured in Self magazine February 2012 issue as a Self-Inspired Success Story. So yes I included a copy of the article in my book) So I thought why don’t I make one for running. You can purchase a 1″ binder and a 25pack of sheet protectors and as you get new ideas or focus areas you can change it up. It’s cheap and you can take it with you. I personally use this more than Pinterest. You can also use this for articles you find online. Just print them and add to your book.
photo (69)

Finished product. It may be a bit old school but it works for me and I can get rid of a ton of old magazines!

Finished product. It may be a bit old school but it works for me plus I can get rid of a ton of old magazines!

What works for you?
Here is my article from Self magazine. (Feb 2012) ..Always a work in progress..
SELF Feb 2012