Pain in the neck- Take Two

yep, we are here again. If you recall almost two years ago I had Anterior Cervical Disk Fusion for a ruptured disk in the neck in C5-6 and C6-7. I had made great progress until recently. In March it was discovered the disk above and below the fusion are now herniated. My doctor has told me no running/jumping etc. I need to stay on low impact activities/workouts. I won’t bore you with the medical details but the main concern is C4-5 and C7-T1. My physical therapist and surgeon told me I need to avoid a multilevel fusion at all costs. My real wake-up call was this week when my PT introduced me to someone that has had a multilevel fusion and he told me she is miserable. People have asked me how I am feeling. I am ok. I had cut way back from the running events anyway due to life in general. Last year I had only participated in six events and this year I have only done four. Run Disney recently opened up Princess Half registration for next February and it was a little disappointing because I was hoping to register but you know what it is OK. I will miss the “energy” of the race events but to not have the “option” of going for a run to maintain my weight and fitness level is the most frustrating thing.

I have been fortunate to do 82 events since January 2011. If I never get to run a race again I am grateful. (1-Full Marathon, 21- Half Marathons, 5-10 milers, 1-15k, 10-10k’s, 1-8k, 33-5k’s, 1-mudrace, 4- Trail races, 1-Sprint Triathlon, 1-Sprint Duathlon, 1-70.3 Relay and 2-Paddleboard races. Experiences, Memories & Friendships made= Priceless!


New Orleans Saints 5k, NYC Mini Oakley 10k, RnR Vegas Half, Jazz Half, Battleship 12k, Girls on the Run 5k, St Jude Memphis Half,  RnR NOLA Full Marathon, Ironman 70.3 Relay in Augusta, GA  just a few of many   🙂

This past weekend I went and spectated at the annual Happy’s 5k race and had a ball. I have a lot of fun, supportive friends.


Now I just want to retain my fitness and avoid a multilevel fusion. Proper recovery, workouts, listening to my surgeon & physical therapist as well as good ergonomics at work will be key for me. (I have a “stand up” desk on order) I still have more places on my vacation list I want to see and experience. I am not going to let this slow me down too much. Heck, last month I went waterfall repelling in Costa Rica!


Pura Vida!

Stay focused and stay healthy my friends.


Ready or Not!

I am feeling the urge to get back to it. Recently I have been looking at race calendars to see which ones coming up would be a good fit.

There are so many personal categories to fill when picking a race:

  • Do I have a family conflict with the race date? Does hubby have work?
  • Does my daughter need my car that day? Does she have work or a test?
  • Can I sign up race day? Is there parking? What will the weather be?

and then the self doubt creeps in……

2questionsI know, you are probably thinking that I am thinking too much about it and I should just pull the trigger. Your right. We tend to defeat ourselves with our mental state.  So what I probably wont PR since I have done a race in five months.So what I haven’t been running 3 times a week regularly. Why do we put so much doubt in ourselves? It is true what they say it is mostly mental. Why do we talk ourselves out of it with self doubt before we even get out of the door?

Let’s shut up the mental game by keeping it light and fun!

  • Buy yourself those new shoes or pants you have been eyeing
  • Freshen up your track list or podcast and zone out
  • Download a new app such as “Zombies, Run!”
  • Pick a change in scenery or sign up for a new race

Remember why did we start this to begin with?

  • To look better naked?
  • More all around self confidence?
  • Drop a pant size?
  • Be more social?

So commit yourself by signing up for something ahead of time, get back out there. It just may not be as scary as you think. After all I am sure your faster than a  Zombie!


A new milestone

This week I reached over 10k hits on my blog. I started it last January initially to write about race recaps but it has become a new form of therapy. I still find it hard to share about certain personal subjects but the positive feedback has been reassuring. Like a turtle I am starting to come out of my shell.

It's scary out there!

It’s scary out there!

Blogging so far has led me to meet new people such as Harmony from Modern Mommy Madness whom I met from Baton Rouge Moms. I love her to death. She is down to earth, touch of southern sass, with a bubbly personality yet so vulnerable. Tiany with Baton Rouge Moms came across my blog and invited me to come on board as a Contributor last October and it has been very rewarding. You can view my articles on various subjects from ‘Ladies Self Defense’ to ‘Running 101’ here

I have been fortunate to be mentioned on several blogs such as:
Claim Your Journey
Roadrunner Girl
Running Loving Living by Toni Church
Louisiana Health and Fitness Magazine
Next Tuesday I will be featured on: Lil Mys Ninja as “Featured Runner Tuesday”.

Most exciting of all is what’s coming up in August!!! I will be featured in Women’s Running Magazine this August as their “Blogger on the Run”. I am QUITE excited about this.

I can't WAIT to add this logo to my blog :)

I can’t WAIT to add this logo to my blog 🙂

Woo Hoo!!!!!!

Woo Hoo!!!!!!

This is something I have wanted for quite some time. My feature should be in print and online. I am DYING to see it. You submit information and pictures but you never know what they will use until it is out. I learned this when I was in SELF magazine in February 2012 as a “Self-Inspired” Success Story. It ended up being a very small article and I was honored but Women’s Running Magazine is HUGE! To be even “mentioned” is amazing but to be featured as a “Blogger on the Run” I am over the moon excited. For me it is a form of self redemption that YES I am worthy to be on the roads with you, my written experiences on my blog are note worthy. I may not be the fastest or able to participate in all of the races I would like too but I am out there doing what I can and enjoying it.

The biggest challenge is balancing a full time job, being a wife, mother,keeping up with my blogging and training to not only participate in races but also maintain my weight is difficult at times to say the least. Dorothy Beal from Mile Posts this week wrote a very touching post. Getting My Priorities Straight where she even admits she struggles with her race commitments and family time. This was HUGE for me to hear. I am sure this was hard for her to write about passing up a “lifetime opportunity” (which she has many of, she admits) to volunteer at her son’s field day at school. Dorothy shares that that even when your an adult you make mistakes but its ok. We are still learning and growing to be a better person, friend, mother. I agree with her 100%.
So yes, my opportunities are growing and I am EXTREMELY grateful but we have to keep our priorities in focus as we continue on this journey that is life.

Wife-Mother-Technology Buyer-Runner-Blogger

My question to you: How do you struggle? How do you balance your roles?

Back in a week and blogs that INSPIRE me!

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What blogs that you follow inspire you?