Dont think, Just Go!


As I am just getting settled back from vacation. I look at my countdown app for my upcoming races. My heart skips a beat and I tense up with anxiety. Just breathe I tell myself. It’s going to be ok.
This Saturday morning I have my ‘9th’ Half Marathon the Baton Rouge Beach Half. In 47 days I have my ’10th’ the Louisiana Half Marathon and then just two weeks after my first Full. The Rock’n’Roll New Orleans FULL Marathon. That’s in just 61 short days!!
We all know the month of December FLIES by so this makes me even more tense.
I just have to remember WHY I am doing this? BECAUSE I CAN!!!!
So I am keeping it short and sweet today as I ramp back up my training from vacation.
Its time to get busy and stay focused. What motivates you around the holidays?
How do you stay focused?

Back in a week and blogs that INSPIRE me!

On Vacation Disneyland

A few blogs that give me inspiration on days that I need a push:
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What blogs that you follow inspire you?

To learn is to grow….A special evening with SmashTALK

Last night I had the opportunity to attend ‘SmashTALK’ a panel discussion with local field experts to educate and increase awareness with topics such as eating disorders, body image, negative self talk, authenticity and media dangers. It was their one year SMASH Anniversary and as luck would have it they were in town at the nearby LSU campus. Their message is a strong one: “We are creating a better world TOGETHER. Never underestimate the power you have within YOU. Love others and most of all DARE to LOVE Yourself. Be the change you want to see. “

Why is something so simple yet so difficult? Even at age 40 I have yet to have it all together. I struggle to feel worthy, to feel good enough. I know I am a strong, independent woman yet I am vulnerable to the number on the scale. I worry that my daughter will struggle with a relationship with food as I did as a kid and even now I still struggle.

Some highlights from the discussion last night:
• Be more aware of what keeps you down.
• It does not have to be an “All or Nothing” approach. Moderation is key
• You don’t have to live up to the unobtainable level of perfection. Trust in yourself. Say to yourself “This is who I am!”
• Be proud to connect with others. Don’t hold yourself back. Don’t compare yourself to others.
• Surround yourself with UPLIFTING people.
• Change the conversation when someone near you is bashing themselves. Don’t contribute or react. Be Sincere. Be a Role Model

Another big topic last night was Media Influences:
Media images are everywhere from sidebar ads on Facebook, Pinterest images on how we “should” look plus what we see in magazines and television. A couple images in particular are how popular cartoon characters have changed over the years:

When I got home my 13 year old daughter asked me what I learned and I shared my notes with her. She tells me: “Mom, you know all of that already. Your story inspires me.” Wow, jaw drops, heart swells…I think to myself: “ I guess I am doing something right.” Earlier that night I asked McCall Dempsey the founder of Southern Smash and blogger of “Loving Imperfection” What could I do as a parent of a child entering high school next year to support her more? Her response: You’re already doing it. You’re here, Your aware. That’s Everything!

It is ok that I don’t have it all together. “THIS IS WHO I AM!”

Finally met McCall Manning Dempsey in person. Founder of Southern Smash & blogger at Loving Imperfection. I love everything she stands for. It was a special evening of enlightenment.

Finally met McCall Manning Dempsey in person. Founder of Southern Smash & blogger at Loving Imperfection. I love everything she stands for. It was a special evening of enlightenment.

McCall wrote everyone's name that has touched her or reached out to her in this journey for the past year. Much to my surprise she told me my name was included as well.

McCall wrote everyone’s name that has touched her or reached out to her in this journey for the past year. Much to my surprise she told me my name was included as well. Can you find it?

For more information on ‘Southern Smash’ check out :
Tip: Keep checking back they will be adding more traveling events in 2014


and the training begins…
Last week I got in a total of 18 miles and the week before 17 miles.
My long runs on the weekends were 10 and 8 miles. It is still a bit disappointing since a little over a month ago I was at 14 and 15 miles for my long runs but I will take it.
I am back on the roads which matter the most.
Staying injury free is going to make me or break me this race season.
I have cut back on my scheduled races for the season and want to focus on good quality running and stretching/rolling daily. My IT Band has been flaring up a bit lately. I can feel the knots and try to work them out the best I can but sooner or later I will have to invest in a sports massage. I also found a new trick. Body Glide on my feet! I noticed with the additional mileage the bottom of my feet have been rather dry which will only lead to blisters and worse calluses then I already have. So I tried out the Body Glide this past Sunday and it worked like a charm! Something else to add to my pre-run prep.
The weather has been cooperating lately which has helped.
GOODBYE 90+ degree and 100% humidity!! Fall is here!!
I am trying to stay at the 10% increase in mileage weekly but it hard. This past Sunday I could have easily added on an extra 3 or 4 miles but I was good and stopped myself. I am already looking forward to my long run this weekend. I need to get a training plan on paper ASAP to track what mileage I should be running and when to taper. I have a friend helping me with this and should have it this week.
The training is just as important if not more than your performance on race day. Several friends ran the Marine Corp Marathon this past weekend. For some it was their first Full. Reading their stories motivated me even more that I made the right decision to jump in the Full pool. Let’s hope I can swim!

Question for you: I have two Half Marathons I plan to run before my Full. (One even two weeks before) Can I run strong Halfs even during Full training? I am talking PR Half’s. Can I work on pace and endurance at the same time?

The Countdowns Begins

The Countdowns Begins

Keeping the positive motivation up will be key

Keeping the positive motivation up will be key. (Borrowed from my friend Megan)

A make your own running guide

Where do you go for tips and tricks on running?
There are so many references online and on various Facebook forum groups that it can be overwhelming. I had this pile of Runner’s World magazines where I would tear out articles to go back and reference. Tips on running form, breathing, cadence, injury prevention, training plans etc. I remembered awhile back I made my own fitness binder and called it “Aim to stay an After”. It included articles from various magazines such as Self and Shape with exercise tips on toning of arms, abs and legs as well as success stories for inspiration. (Little fact: I was even featured in Self magazine February 2012 issue as a Self-Inspired Success Story. So yes I included a copy of the article in my book) So I thought why don’t I make one for running. You can purchase a 1″ binder and a 25pack of sheet protectors and as you get new ideas or focus areas you can change it up. It’s cheap and you can take it with you. I personally use this more than Pinterest. You can also use this for articles you find online. Just print them and add to your book.
photo (69)

Finished product. It may be a bit old school but it works for me and I can get rid of a ton of old magazines!

Finished product. It may be a bit old school but it works for me plus I can get rid of a ton of old magazines!

What works for you?
Here is my article from Self magazine. (Feb 2012) ..Always a work in progress..
SELF Feb 2012

A Half Marathon Training Run? Are you crazy?

As I mentioned back on my 8-30-13 post (Training for Half/Full Marathon season has begun!) I decided to get more serious about the upcoming running season. Drop Spin class and start running 3-4 times a week. I started the week of August 6th and so far its going well. Went from 8 -10 average miles a week to 15-20. I can run 8-10 miles pretty easily for my long run on the weekend so yesterday I went for it. My first ever Half Marathon training run.
Yeah I thought I was too. I got up early to prepare just like I was going to run a race. I knew to beat the heat I would need to start early and bring an ice chest with water/Powerade to have at my car for each lap. I decided to drive out to the LSU campus since it was a game day and much to my delight there were many people already there with the same intent. There was great energy on campus and I knew a local running group Varsity Sports would be out soon for there Saturday morning run. I don’t mind running solo so I can go at my own pace and push myself when I need too. Although to see a friendly face on the course definitely helps! I had to take a couple walk/stretching breaks from time to time as the miles increased and my hips tightened but I pushed myself through it.

Watch did pause on walk/stretching breaks

Watch did pause on walk/stretching breaks

Will this get me to my Full in February? Time will tell but its a good start.
I made sure to hydrate well that day since I was going to be busy with errands plus scored great tickets to the LSU/UAB football game that evening with Hubby. LSU pulled it off with a win 56-17. It was a good day!

The quickest Selfie ever with my man Mike! Couldn't pass it up! Lol!

The quickest Selfie ever with my man Mike! Couldn’t pass it up! Lol!

*Do you have any tips to as I add mileage to my long runs?*

Oh! One more thing. I am featured today on Road Runner Girl’s Blog! Check it out:

Love to keep my daughter inspired…

This Saturday my daughter and I will be running the ZooZoom 5K at our local Zoo. The race intro is “Run like a cheetah to our 8th annual ZooZoom 5K and ½ Mile Kids’ Fun Run! At the run, enjoy the scenery as you scamper, trot or gallop your way through BREC’s Baton Rouge Zoo.” We ran this last year and despite the heat it was a very fun race. I even placed top 3 in my age group.

Here are a couple pics from the race last year:

Alaina and I before the race saying Hi to "Bozie"

Alaina and I before the race saying Hi to “Bozie”

Alaina coming in to the Finish with a big smile on her face!! Love her!

Alaina coming in to the Finish with a big smile on her face!! Love her!

So I thought to myself. How do I make it even MORE fun this year?
Well lets dress up. I asked Alaina what animal she would like to be and she said a “Peacock”. Thank goodness for Pinterest and a creative friend.

Alaina's cant wait to shake her "Peacock" tail feather Saturday!

Alaina’s cant wait to shake her “Peacock” tail feather Saturday!

I purchased a blue & green Cheetah running skirt from Sparkle Athletics.
We cant wait! If you are in the Baton Rouge/Baker area you can still sign up on race day: