Training Progress Through the Summer

Well it wasn’t a stellar week but it wasn’t all bad either.

Monday: Slow 3 miles on the treadmill after Sunday’s hot,muggy 10 miler.

Tuesday: Bootcamp which included stations this week so worked out perfect. (Walking lunges, box step-ups, squats with weights, etc)

Wednesday: REST

Thursday: Jungle Gym Workout at Prep & sluggish 3 miler which was suppose to have been 4-5 miles

Upper body strength is important for your long runs and to build your core

TRX exercises develop upper body strength which is important for your long runs and to build your core

Friday: REST

Saturday: Bootcamp with Drexel

Challenging yet very Rewarding

Challenging yet very Rewarding

Sunday: 11 mile run. Felt strong til mile 10 then started puttering out. Very hot!

Lessons learned this week:

  • Need to drink more water, especially during the work week.
  • Continue taking vitamins even though they get tiresome.
  • Restock on bananas! Potassium is very important with the heat. I especially learned this lesson on Thursday evening when I got hamstring & calf cramps very bad. This is very unusual for me.
  • Don’t forget to bring Salt for your long runs. This will help prevent cramping as well.
  • Cross-training does make you stronger!!! Recovery came easier. Focus on FORM!
  • You will make mistakes. Learn from them and move on. Don’t get discouraged.

Here is a great & well timed article I found on Runner’s World on training through the heat. Check it out here.

Looking for some Strength Training tips? Check out the Women’s Running Website here for examples on Dead Lifts, Knee Crunches and more from the book “Quick Strength for Runners” by Jeff Horowitz. I MUST get this book!

How is your summer training going? What tips do you have to keep going?

My Motivation? IMAugusta70.3Relay 47 days out!!

# KeepPushing Forward

Work Hard-Train Smart-Play Hard

As I mentioned in my last post I planned to take up my friend Daurie on her offer and take one of her TREAD classes last weekend. Talk about a workout and a half! This is the description of the class: 1 hour small group interval training class with a combination of treadmill based cardio, strength training and Pilates core exercises to provide a total body workout. Trust me when I tell you it is that and then some!
I consider myself to be in shape but this class had me working hard. The instructor is practically teaching two classes at once. The class is limited to 12 students with half on the treadmills and half on the floor with 6 minute intervals and then you switch off. She can have you doing anything from incline on level 20 with a speed of 5 to doing ball planks on the floor. You will WORK! I will be back and possibly arrange something with Baton Rouge Moms to spotlight it since I am a contributor writer and hope to give a chance for a few local moms to come take a class. (Stay tuned)
Last night I went to my second session at Prep Fitness. Jordan put me on a Prep 500 session which was good because I am working on re-learning how to do proper squats, lunges and basic positioning to strengthen my hip flexors and core. It is difficult because you really have to stop and think about each move. Technique is crucial for proper form and I am heavily concentrating on strengthening right now as I am taking a break from long races. I still did a short run before and after class to get my cardio in but I felt pretty good about the session and hoping I progress quickly.

A couple of examples of what I am working on:
Keeping Your Weight in Your Heels for Squats
How to Keep Your Knees Out on Squats
Proper Deadlifts

Developing a stronger core and hip flexors will help me be a stronger runner.
I will still be doing smaller trail/road races that are 6 miles or less but I must get stronger to prevent any more injuries. Work Hard-Train Smart-Play Hard-That is the game plan.

Have you ever had to take a step back from running to get stronger? How did you stay motivated? I think I am going to be signing up for a couple smaller races in April and May to stay on track. Any advice as I am working on Strengthening?
Work Hard-Train Smart-Play Hard