Cross Training for Variety

I admit it, I haven’t crossed many finish lines as of lately. Heck I am not even signed up for an upcoming race. Usually I am scheduled a year in advance on my race calendar. ( Yes, runners generally have a separate calendar)


What I have been doing is hitting my local gym 4-5 times a week and LOVING it! To be back in a group environment again doing Spin, Tabata or even good ole treadmill ( better known as the dread mill) to work on incline training and it has been MARVELOUS! For me it is a boredom buster to throw in something different. I can disconnect my brain and just follow the instructor. Plus it helps to improve my overall fitness such as core work to ward off those pesky injuries like my I.T. band or weak hips.


Am I getting the itch to sign up for a fall Half Marathon? YEP! Have I picked one yet? Nope! but its coming….In the mean time I will be at the gym because sweat is sweat no matter if its on the roads or off. Just enjoy !

Cue song 🙂



Runner Moments

This morning I posted a picture on social media. One that took over a day to choose pictures for. I don’t participate in “Throwback Thursday” very often but I felt the urge today. I wanted to post a collage of “Runner Moments” for #TBT. As I scrolled through my phone and my Facebook albums I noticed I had countless to choose from. I have been very lucky since starting my Runner Journey in 2011 and I don’t take one moment or experience for granted. Thank you for those that I have met along the way.


I am very thankful for the memories and friendships made through running. It definetly gives back more than I ever expected. It’s not a chore, it’s a privilege. Keep it fun!

Strength Training to get Faster

With some Fall Half Marathons scheduled it is time to get focused to get my hip flexors and IT band stronger. Yes, it is my ongoing Achilles heel. The weakness that holds me back. The scale isn’t budging much to get closer to my race weight but my pace is getting a little better and I owe it to some extra classes I am taking at Prep Fitness.

Most of the time when I see the schedule for the 45 minute session I ask myself “He wants me to do what?” Then a few seconds pass after the shock and awe fades and I realize what he is asking is actually possible.  I may not be able to do every set 100% but I do see my balance and strength improving and that is reassuring.

Example of a previous workout

Example of a previous workout


Speaking of “focus” my IM Relay teammate Larisa recently wrote a post on her training outlook. Check it out here.

What I have on the Fall schedule so far:


What are you currently training for and do you have a plan in place?

Right now I am running 3x a week and taking classes at Prep 1-2 times a week. I still need to work on getting my eating right. Stretching is a must daily even if its just for 5 minutes. Since its hot out hydration is easy. H20 is a must!

#WorkInProgress        #KeepPushingForward


Find Your Motivation


Motivation is all around us you just have to look for it. Whether it’s a good weather day or signing up for a new race find your motivation.

What keeps you going?
What drives you?
With the rising summer temps or hectic schedules what gets you out of the door?
A friend waiting at your favorite running spot that even remembered to bring your favorite G2?
Running isn’t about being in better shape, it’s that moment of mental clarity, the escape from your daily stressors, the release of endorphins that make you feel that anything is possible.
You just have to keep pushing forward
Find Your Motivation – @ndeckerrunner

Change is Good!

Last Saturday morning I headed out to Prep Fitness for a Bootcamp class led by Drexel and Daurie. Drexel was doing personal coaching at my gym and recently opened up his own place so I jumped at the opportunity to check it out. I was very impressed by the setup.
His workout moves reminds me of what football players do with heavy concentration on Strengthening so I was completely on board. Since it was a small session joined by just two other ladies I asked both of them to watch my form since I have been having issues with my glutes and hip flexors. For example on Planks I tend to let my hips dip and they made sure to watch me to keep them up since form is crucial. This one hour class had us on our toes with high intensity station workouts. I enjoyed this because you were constantly doing something different. (A whole new meaning to muscle confusion lol) They did a good job with personal instruction as well and modifications when needed. I was definitely worn out after the hour was up and a good soreness set in later so I knew I gave it all on this workout. I can’t wait to go back.
Drexel 1

This weekend I get to try out TREAD a 1 hour small group interval training class with a combination of treadmill based cardio, strength training and Pilates core exercises to provide a total body workout. After that I want to give their “CAMOTREAD” class a try. A bootcamp class with military style strength drills and treadmill based cardio. This one will definitely be up my alley.

Don’t be afraid to change it up and try something new.
What do you do to change up your workout routine?

Medal Reveal for my 1st Full Marathon! #RNRNOLA

I am so EXCITED!
Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans FINALLY revealed there medals for 2014!

Half and Full Medals

Half and Full Medals

SWEET! This was just the motivation I needed to get my butt in gear and get serious about training. I have a long road ahead of me before that 2-2-14 date but I want to be able to wear that medal proudly and say “YES, I am a Marathoner”. I want to be part of the chaos. I love to be part of the apprx 17k people that cross that Start line and say YES, I am up for the challenge. DNF is NOT in my vocabulary.
Pic from 2012

Pic from 2012

Last night I looked back at my first Half marathon bling proudly from 2011 which was Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans and remembered that feeling of accomplishment. I WILL feel that again.
On the left my 1st Half Marathon bling from 2011. I ran the race again in 2012. The only reason I missed 2013 was due to Disney Princess Half was on the same day.

On the left my 1st Half Marathon bling from 2011. I ran the race again in 2012. The only reason I missed 2013 was due to Disney Princess Half was on the same day.

I cant wait to add to my collection in 2014!
I know I have said it before but I will say it again, “Thank you for all of the support in this journey” I have a ways to go but I have faith I will cross that Finish Line”.
Good luck to you in your journey whatever it may be. Just remember ‘YOU GOT THIS!!’
As a friend reminded me : “Self Defeat is the Enemy.”

Next up: Baton Rouge Beach Half Marathon this Saturday. I am ready!
Question: What made you pull the trigger for your first Full?