Ready or Not!

I am feeling the urge to get back to it. Recently I have been looking at race calendars to see which ones coming up would be a good fit.

There are so many personal categories to fill when picking a race:

  • Do I have a family conflict with the race date? Does hubby have work?
  • Does my daughter need my car that day? Does she have work or a test?
  • Can I sign up race day? Is there parking? What will the weather be?

and then the self doubt creeps in……

2questionsI know, you are probably thinking that I am thinking too much about it and I should just pull the trigger. Your right. We tend to defeat ourselves with our mental state.  So what I probably wont PR since I have done a race in five months.So what I haven’t been running 3 times a week regularly. Why do we put so much doubt in ourselves? It is true what they say it is mostly mental. Why do we talk ourselves out of it with self doubt before we even get out of the door?

Let’s shut up the mental game by keeping it light and fun!

  • Buy yourself those new shoes or pants you have been eyeing
  • Freshen up your track list or podcast and zone out
  • Download a new app such as “Zombies, Run!”
  • Pick a change in scenery or sign up for a new race

Remember why did we start this to begin with?

  • To look better naked?
  • More all around self confidence?
  • Drop a pant size?
  • Be more social?

So commit yourself by signing up for something ahead of time, get back out there. It just may not be as scary as you think. After all I am sure your faster than a  Zombie!



Zombie Bash 5k Recap

Finally, Zombie Bash night! Alaina and I had been practicing our moves for the flash mob dance of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller!” and we put the final touches on our costumes which turned out pretty good.

Zombie Bride

Zombie Bride

Zombie Snow White.. Wanna bite?

Zombie Snow White.. Wanna bite?

Time to head downtown! The 5k was starting at 6:30pm we got there just in time to see some of the runners getting complimentary Zombie hair and makeup done by Mercer Studio before the race. There was even a DJ setup which added to the party atmosphere. We said a quick hello to a couple people and Alaina says it’s time for her to line up.
Alaina ready to start the 5k

Alaina ready to start the 5k

She tells me she is sad that she will be out there alone this time for the race. We had never done a race apart. Part of me wanted to tell her to hang back with me but before the words could come out of my mouth the race started. I told Alaina to have fun.
Start of the Zombie Bash 5k

Start of the Zombie Bash 5k

Before I could pout too long about being left behind with my wretched boot I get asked if I help out at the timing boards which I was more than happy to do. Soon the sweaty runners started coming in with their tags. The race began and ended at Mud & Water, across the street from Baton Rouge’s award-winning 13th Gate Haunted House. The route is an out & back along historic River Road. After the race, there was complimentary food and drinks from various vendors. After a while I got relieved at the timing board so I could find Alaina. I make it just in time to see her coming through the finish line. Once again she finished strong with a SMILE! Love it. I was so proud of her for doing it without me. I escort her to get a taco and some eyeball cake balls while we waited for our street performance to start.


Soon we spot the flood lights and we go line up. The opening beats of Thriller start and we go into Zombie mode! We had never done a flash mob dance before and it was easy to get caught up in the dance. I tried to concentrate on the moves so I wouldn’t mess up but at one point I looked up and saw everyone’s phones on us taking pictures and videos. I couldn’t help but think “How Cool”! It was over quickly but will definetly be a memory Alaina and I will share for quite some time.

Courtesy of Mark Bienvenu here a few pics and the “Thriller” video from Zombie Bash:
(You can see Alaina and I in the middle of the dance crowd)