Thoughts before, during and after a race… #RunnerHumor

Thoughts “before” a race…..

  • Aack! Is that a rain cloud?
  • Did I apply Body Glide in “all” the right places?
  • Is my KT Tape going to stay on?
  • I have done this a bazillion times so why am I nervous right before race start?
  • Is my music charged?
  • I have to run how far?
  • Don’t forget to start my Garmin

Thoughts “during”  a race…..

  • I am only at mile 2?
  • Really a stroller is going faster than me?
  • Aack! Is that a rain cloud?
  • Did I apply Body Glide in “all” the right places?
  • Crap! a 12 year old is going faster than me!
  • Is my KT Tape going to stay on?
  • Did I eat enough?
  • Did I eat too much?
  • Aack! Pothole!

 Thoughts a mile or two before the Finish line…..

  • Is my Garmin still working? It doesn’t seem to be moving or am I going in slow motion?!
  • This last mile is the longest yet!
  • WHERE is the Finish line?!
  • Finish line in sight, OK this is where I need to go at warp speed. ENGAGE! SMILE!

 Thoughts “after” crossing the Finish line….

  • Whew that wasn’t so bad
  • I could have gone faster
  • Where is my phone?
  • Where is the Chocolate Milk?
  • Ouch!! I missed a spot with the Body Glide
  • Aack! I forgot to press stop on my Garmin!
  • When is the next race?



Feel free to share yours and Geaux Run!!!!

Time for another installment of Runner Humor

We all have those bad weeks or runs occasionally where we are just not feeling the mojo. That 5am wake-up call just comes too early after a bad night of sleep or we are under the weather and think to ourselves in that moment “WHY?”


Then we get the funnies that come across our Facebook or Instagram feed come just at the right moment for that a-ha moment and we think “Yep, that’s me!”.


Here’s to you that may need that extra push or motivation for those moments.








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What running gives back…


Runner’s World posted this today on there Facebook and Twitter today as midweek motivation and it spoke to me. It brought up a range of emotions that I have felt throughout this journey in the past few years since I started running.

When I first started in 2011 I was 37 years old and my first thought was “Am I crazy?”. Isn’t this just for the young, physically fit folks only? Me of all people plan to sign up for a Half Marathon when I have not even run on the road before or done a 5k?  Isn’t this for the people that ran track in school or have less than 10% body fat?  Are my thighs too big and going to weigh me down? What if I get injured am I done? I have weak hip strength, Do I have the time? Can I really do this????

Even with all the doubts I saw this as something new, a challenge to myself that I could do more. That first finish line was the beginning of a new journey. It opened up a path to meet new people. It gave me confidence to do my first duathlon,triathlon and even a full marathon. Some of these I experienced with my daughter and some with friends that decided to join along themselves to try something new.

  • I am grateful I took that first step.
  • I am grateful I put aside the doubts.
  • I am grateful that I am now in my fourth year and I am continuing to push forward.
  • I am grateful for the people I have met on this journey and the encouragement they have provided.
  • I am grateful for the experiences I have had so far and look forward to more.

Running has definitely given me back what I have put into it.



Keeping the Mojo Going

What is Mojo? There are actually lots of meanings to this word such as:

  • Magical charm bag used in hoodoo
  • Charm or a spell
  • Sex appeal or talent

For me it’s that oomp, that extra good workout that makes you feel like you accomplished a little more than what you did yesterday. The extra vitality and energy you get afterwards that you conquered greatness!

To get there can be a bit challenging. You may receive a text from a friend just at the right time with encouragement or an unexpected kick in the pants reality check. Whatever it is for you, let it pull you from a bad mood and use it as motivation to get out the door.

You may not find your mojo everyday but if you don’t look for it you will never find it.



Training Progress Through the Summer

Well it wasn’t a stellar week but it wasn’t all bad either.

Monday: Slow 3 miles on the treadmill after Sunday’s hot,muggy 10 miler.

Tuesday: Bootcamp which included stations this week so worked out perfect. (Walking lunges, box step-ups, squats with weights, etc)

Wednesday: REST

Thursday: Jungle Gym Workout at Prep & sluggish 3 miler which was suppose to have been 4-5 miles

Upper body strength is important for your long runs and to build your core

TRX exercises develop upper body strength which is important for your long runs and to build your core

Friday: REST

Saturday: Bootcamp with Drexel

Challenging yet very Rewarding

Challenging yet very Rewarding

Sunday: 11 mile run. Felt strong til mile 10 then started puttering out. Very hot!

Lessons learned this week:

  • Need to drink more water, especially during the work week.
  • Continue taking vitamins even though they get tiresome.
  • Restock on bananas! Potassium is very important with the heat. I especially learned this lesson on Thursday evening when I got hamstring & calf cramps very bad. This is very unusual for me.
  • Don’t forget to bring Salt for your long runs. This will help prevent cramping as well.
  • Cross-training does make you stronger!!! Recovery came easier. Focus on FORM!
  • You will make mistakes. Learn from them and move on. Don’t get discouraged.

Here is a great & well timed article I found on Runner’s World on training through the heat. Check it out here.

Looking for some Strength Training tips? Check out the Women’s Running Website here for examples on Dead Lifts, Knee Crunches and more from the book “Quick Strength for Runners” by Jeff Horowitz. I MUST get this book!

How is your summer training going? What tips do you have to keep going?

My Motivation? IMAugusta70.3Relay 47 days out!!

# KeepPushing Forward

New blog feature on fellow runners? & Vacation Time!

I really enjoy coming across new blogs and this week I came across Fitful Focus. She has posts called “Fit Feature“. I really enjoyed her recent one featuring Lil Mys Ninja. I have been lucky enough to be featured on several blogs so I was thinking it time to give back and show the love to others. What do you think?

Would you like to see that here?  What kind of questions should I ask? Please comment with  your suggestions and if you would be interested in being featured.

It may be a little while before I could move forward with this idea. I need to move to a self hosted blog first. I will probably change it too: or I am still getting feedback on this and everything should get redirected easily since I am already on WordPress. I am hoping to come across someone locally to help me pull the trigger with a few remaining questions I have.

For the next week I will be on vacation with hubby so until then…… #WorkHardPlayHard

Be back soon!